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RMA Checklist on the PDL inspection lamp Before a PDL lamp is going to be sent back to Alcochem Hygiene for a service / inspection handling please make sure that following items have been checked: Only use the original batteries in combination with the PDL
  • The original batteries of the PDL offer a specific voltage to ensure that the UV-A LED will operate for a longer period of time. Non-genuine 18650 batteries often come with a lower voltage setting, which creates problems with the operation of the UV LED lamp circuit. Therefore make sure that you only use the PDL with the original, genuine batteries.
  • To avoid battery fatigueness make sure that the batteries are charged at least once a year in a separate battery charger. ( parallel charger) This will ensure a regeneration of the cells and offer a prolonged lifetime.
An internal temperature switch may switch off the PDL, if a critical temperature has been reached.
  • In UV-A setting, the PDL offers 5 x 5 watt of UV-A power. This offers the UV intensity needed to carry out a thorough inspection.
  • At this power level the temperature rises fast and after 10 to 15 minutes the PDL reaches its critical temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.
  • At this temperature the power is switched off (this to prevent that the temperature will create internal damages).
  • The PDL than needs to be cooled down for a certain period of time. To lengthen the operational time of the PDL: Make sure that you switch off the PDL in between the inspection moments.
Aluminium powder dust in the tail part and battery shaft can create a problem.
  • If the batteries are swopped out frequently please ensure that Aluminium powder dust, coming from the threading of the battery shaft, is not creating a problem with the operation of the PDL. A separate instruction sheet on the cleaning of the PDL is available on request.
If a PDL is offered back to Alcochem Hygiene, for a service repair these three items need to be checked up forehand If the root cause is due to any of these items this will be considered as a NFF (NO Failure Found) and service fee will be applicable If these items have been checked than the PDL, without the batteries, can be returned for repair Please fill in the RMA form, so we can collect the PDL for repair With Kind regards, Alcochem Hygiene

RMA form – PDL

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